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Commercial roofing contributes significantly to a commercial setup; it ensures safety. You may consider commercial metal roofing compared to typical residential roofing if you run a company. At Wize Roofing, we help in the installation and repair of roofing. Learn about how we can help you maximize your budget for residential or commercial roofing.

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Roof replacement services

You must consider replacing your roof after some years. You may replace commercial roofing earlier than residential because of industrial effects such as chemicals, heat during production, and other industrial impacts on the roof. We recommend replacing the commercial metal roofing in due time. There are many ways to determine if your commercial roofing needs a replacement. For example, if we check the manufacturer’s “life of the roof” and discover it falls below 80 – 85%, we recommend that you replace the commercial roofing. Another way you can figure out if your commercial roofing needs a replacement is to check the shingles. If the shingles curl and are different from how they looked (initially), you may consider replacing the commercial roofing. Commercial metal roofing with visible, exposed, and rusty nails also needs a replacement. If you consult us today, we will help you choose the best metal roof for commercial purposes.

New roofing construction

New construction contracting is a service that is recommended for startups and new businesses. You may have to reach us today and learn more about our services if you plan to build your business in Avalon, Florida. We have the best recommendations at affordable prices for you. For example, we recommend commercial roofing (like membrane roofing, metal roofing, or green roofing) depending on your budget, type of business, and how long you plan to use commercial roofing.

Commercial and Residential Property Restoration

Commercial and residential property restoration is often done after a storm or other natural disasters. Sometimes, you may need commercial property restoration, especially commercial roofing replacement, if you want to relocate your warehouse.

Special roofing services

We offer special roofing protection services aside from general protections. These services include protection from UV light, snow, and high temperature. For example, some commercial roofing types are customized to withstand harsh weather. Commercial roofing is vital because it maintains quality even after long exposures to harsh conditions.

We can help you to select the best commercial roofing.

We are a team of trained, certified, and experienced individuals at Wize Roofing. If you work with us, we guarantee excellent satisfaction. We always listen to your request; we attend to any custom commercial roofing services for businesses. You can use the contact page to reach us now; you may call or send us a direct message. We promise to respond spontaneously.


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