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Roofing Claims: The Best Commercial Roofing Services in Valencia, Florida

Commercial roofing is different from domestic roofing; you must learn roofing features before considering working with any company. At Wize Roofing, we do our best to make you understand all the variables and basis of roofing before we work together.

Roofing is the protective part of your home. Even though it protects, it should add to the beauty of your home setup. At Wize Roofing, we substitute the basic things in domestic roofing for commercial roofing set up, thereby maintaining the beauty of large commercial roofing.

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Roofing for commercial setups

Commercial roofing is made to protect from industrial effects like chemicals and heat. Commercial roofing protects from hazardous contents, unlike domestic roofing – thus, commercial roofing is mandatory to have the best durability and resistivity. One of the ways to differentiate domestic from commercial roofings is the material selection.

At Roofing Claims, we use single-ply, concrete, polypropylene, ethylene-propylene rubber (TPO), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in commercial roofing. These materials are durable and support all your Industrial activities – we ensure you receive the best from our team during the installation.

The main reason these materials are chosen is because of their resistance to environmental conditions. Most factories produce harmful substances that aid degradation and damage the roof. So, we install high resistant roofing; you won’t spend more than required for maintenance annually. For example, concrete is built chemically to withstand various industrial applications – it is resistant to heat chemicals and evaporated water. We help you select the best commercial roofing depending on your need, the type of industry, and the products produced.

Roofing membrane made with BUR or Built-up

The roofing membrane is one of the best commercial roofing because of the materials (tar and gravel). Tar and gravel are suitable materials needed for long-term durability and long life. The combination of the two materials, “tar and gravel,” gives approximately 30 years of lifespan. If you need a long-lasting roofing-type commercial setup, you may consider this roofing membrane (with a high chance of giving you the best qualities over the years). In addition to the long-lasting property, the roofing membrane has shown little or no maintenance cost over the years, just like commercial metal roofing. You may consider budgeting for membrane roof repair and maintenance; however, you will unlikely spend more (on maintenance) than other roofing.

The roofing membrane reflects light; this application is essential for energy efficiency and heat control. Most industries produce heat because of mechanized machines. So, it is necessary to prevent added heat from the sun. Commercial roofing protects you from heat radiation if you use the roofing membrane.

Commercial metal roofing for longevity

Commercial metal roofing gives you whooping longevity ranging from 40-70 years. The best commercial metal roofing in terms of longevity is the modern commercial metal roofing materials and not the traditional asphalt. However, the benefits of commercial metal roofing depend on the materials. We have several materials for commercial metal roofing, depending on your needs. Some of our materials include:

  •       corrugated galvanized steel
  •       metal tile sheets
  •       stone-coated steel
  •       stainless steel
  •       silicon-coated steel
  •       tin
  •       zinc

Commercial metal roofing provides impact resistance to your roofing. If you install this roofing type commercial, it protects you from wind impacts up to 140 miles per hour. Commercial metal roofing is preferable when you need to avoid repair for an extended period. However, it is necessary to check your roofing for wear periodically. You can depend on us; we regularly check and verify the state of your roofing. Commercial metal roofing also protects from fire during a breakout.


Modified bitumen roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is unique for its waterproof capability. You can depend on this roofing if you deal with water. The roofing ensures maximum stability and protection if the material is of two-ply systems (fiberglass and polyester reinforcement layers). Modified bitumen roofing outer layers reflect light and reduce harmful thermal emissions. Modified bitumen roofing is essential for high energy consumption and radiation). Modified bitumen roofing helps cool your employees if they stay in the environment for an extended period. At Roofing Claims, we combine all our experience to ensure total satisfaction by comparing your needs to the available options.

Green roofing system

A green roofing system is a commercial roofing system that allows you to make unique use of green synthetic plants. Green synthetic plants are different from the regular ones you see around. The green roofing system has three types: extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive. Extensive synthetic plants cannot grow beyond certain inches (6″), and the basic purpose is to protect your industry, beautify the environment, and make them fascinating. The extensive green roofing system covers some areas and demands little maintenance cost. The intensive has more ground to support large plant growth – it even supports small tree growth. And lastly, the semi-intensive combines the two qualities (intensive and extensive properties). So, you can grow them in large spaces with little maintenance cost.

Thermostat roof membrane

The thermostat roof membrane is also called EPDM roofing. The roof membrane is versatile and easy to maintain. It is essential to consider the materials before you choose. The thermostat roof membrane is rated high for water and heat resistance.

Call us today for your commercial roofing; we have several options for you, and it all depends on your demand. It would be advisable to have the best commercial roofing installation with little or no maintenance cost. We can provide you with the best metal roof for commercial purposes, although all the commercial roofing does not work the same. We ensure you receive the best services from us. You could help yourself better by giving us a call; our team is ready to accept you!

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