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Wize Roofing is a premier commercial roofing company that strives to evoke complete satisfaction for our clients. Our work speaks of expert workmanship and sustainable and durable roofing solutions. We hold all our services to high-level industry standards for the best experience. We work with household names to startup companies, combining the best team for every project with a highly experienced specialist for management.

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Commercial Roofing Experts That Guarantee Roofing Excellence!

Due to business downtime and budget confinements, you may wish to postpone your roofing needs. Our team works with you to establish suitable solutions for your circumstances. We go above and beyond to meet your timeframe and budget limits, focusing on quality.

Services From Your Trusted Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial roof installation

Roofing replacements are costly. But when you have had frequent repairs, and they exceed 50% of replacement costs, it’s time to call in our experts for a whole replacement. We help you choose high-quality materials for your roof. This could be the best metal roof for commercial or a PVC roof for our restaurant clients due to fat and grease exposure. We then conduct an expert installation that will stand the tests of time and the harsh Florida weather. We guarantee that every nailing and layering is done with precision.

Commercial roof repair

Our technicians can do everything from addressing leaking problems and standing water to damaged shingles. No repair is too big or small for us to handle; we are always glad to be of help. We work to minimize downtime from our projects and get your business running in no time with dependable commercial metal roofing. We conduct thorough inspections to provide long-lasting solutions to your roofing repair needs.

Commercial roof inspection

It’s ideal to have our team inspect your roof before the hurricane season and twice annually. Still, our team is dedicated to serving your needs and handling anything that may arise along the way. This allows us to identify any developing problems to prevent emergency repairs, extensive downtime, and damaged goods where applicable.

Why Choose Roofing Claims?

Safety first

Commercial roofing is a more complex affair, and the stakes could only get higher. We prioritize safety from the planning stage, incorporating safety equipment with comprehensive training for our staff. Our employees have learned how to preserve life in case an accident happens. Moreover, we put up notices and signage to inform anyone near the building of our work.


We strongly believe that our business has grown over the years due to our focus on high-integrity levels. We take pride in our honest work, offering written estimates before we can start any project. We involve our clients at every step, with utmost transparency of our performance.

Highly trained team

Our team consists of the finest individuals you will find in the industry. They work tirelessly to meet your needs. We invest in training our staff on modern mechanisms to meet high-quality standards. We also work with all roofing types of commercials and welcome any roofing job.

Licensure and insurance

We are a licensed company in Florida state that adheres to all the building codes for your and your employees’ safety. Our insurance policies are updated, and you can ask for proof whenever you are ready to start your roofing project.

Commercial roofing can be a painstaking process. But we try to promote a seamless process for our clients from start to end. We efficiently merge our resources and staff to meet your timeframe and minimize downtime. We also work within your budget confinements as agreed. You deserve the best commercial roofing services in the industry, and we can offer them. Schedule your appointment to put your investment in the safe hands of our team!

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