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Commercial roofing is not the same as residential or other types of roofing – this is why you should learn the differences. Even though roofing protects, it should beautify your home. We combine the beauty of residential roofing with the benefits of commercial roofing. Learn how we operate and make a difference in the roofing setup. Remember that we are one of the best commercial roofing companies in Waterford Lakes, with over 40 years of working experience.

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Roofing for commercial setup in Waterford Lakes

Commercial roofing is a safe buffer from dangerous substances like chemicals and direct sun. Unlike domestic roofing, commercial roofing protects your properties from hazardous contents- and this is why it is mandatory to install commercial roofing in a commercial setup owing to its durability and resistivity. Material selection is one of the methods used in differentiating domestic from commercial roofing. We utilize single-ply, concrete, polypropylene, ethylene-propylene rubber (TPO), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in making commercial roofing at Wize Roofing.

We ensure you have the best from our team during the installation or servicing because we utilize durable materials that support all your industrial activities. We use the best roofing types and commercial multipurpose materials.

Roofing membrane made with BUR or Built-up

Tar and gravel are the best raw materials used in making durable roofing membranes. If you allow us to install your commercial roof, you may have about 30 years’ lifespan from the roofing membrane. You may consider a roofing membrane if you need a long-lasting roofing type commercial setup. The roofing membrane contributes to excellent energy conservation by reflecting heat from the sun, thus, maintaining a great working environment for commercial purposes. It is mandatory to prevent added heat from the sun because mechanized machines already increase the temperature in a commercial setup. Commercial roofing protects you from heat radiation if you use the roofing membrane. So it is a good investment if you install one with us.

Commercial metal roofing in Waterford Lakes

Commercial metal roofing contributes to longevity; you may use the product for up to 40-70 years. The best commercial metal roofing is not the traditional asphalt but the modern commercial metal roofing. Make sure you verify your needs and commercial requirements before choosing commercial roofing. The type of your commercial setup dictates the kind of commercial roofing. You can consult us if you are confused about the whole process.

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If you want the best metal roof for commercial purposes, give us a call today at Wize Roofing! We are experienced and have a broad connection with global roofing manufacturers. We always offer free quotations if you consider working with us. You should not hesitate to contact us if you are a lover of authentic products.

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