Our roofing systems instill a sense of security, so being on top of their performance makes a lot of sense. General roofing contractors can take care of a broad range of roofing needs. This includes installing and repairing rain gutters, skylights, decks, and more. It is important to note the signs that may illustrate a deteriorating roof. This will enable you to tackle issues early to prevent further damage and save costly repairs in the future. When should you consider a roof replacement?


Think You Need A Roof Replacement? Here Is How To Know

  • Age

Every roof has its lifespan, between ten to fifty years. Depending on materials and your maintenance plan, it could last longer. If you are looking for roofing in Florida, asphalt shingles can last anywhere between ten to twenty years. On the other hand, metal roofs last thirty to fifty years but are quite costly. That said, it’s important to note when you are installing your roof.

  • A sagging roof

There is no clearer sign that you need to replace your roof like sagging. It is usually a manifestation of years of trapped moisture rotting your boards, meaning the roof integrity has been compromised. A replacement is needed to avoid extensive damage. Examine the lowest parts of the roofs for sagging spots and rotting boards.

  • Gutter Build-Up

This is a sign that your shingles are losing their granules. If it’s been ages since you had a roof repair or replacement and notice shingle pieces or loose shingles, your roof time’s up. What if you don’t replace it? You are inviting leaking issues and promoting roof decay.

  • Damaged chimney flashing

Flashed areas on the roof include the chimney, and it goes through wear and tears over time. Once the tar and roof cement flashes at the chimney base indicate signs of leaking, it’s time to make replacements. You should consider a steel flash for the best results.

  • Faulty or damaged shingles

Roofing Florida is always at the mercy of extreme weather conditions like storms and intense sunny conditions. Your shingles should be flat. If there are patches, cracks, buckling, or curling, you should have repairs done as soon as possible.

  • A veggie roof

Green can be a calm color, but you can’t underestimate moss. They result from trapped moisture, especially on the corners of the roof. You can get your handyman skills to use with a simple stiff brush.

  • Light coming through the attic

While we like to look out for roof replacement signs on the roof, you should probably start with the attic. Get your flashlight and climb up. Do you see beams of light, dark streaks, or stains? That could be an issue of a leaking roof.

  • Alarming energy bills

You may be used to a high energy bill as a Floridian due to the high temperatures most of the year. But when your roof can’t keep the cool air inside, the bills may spike abnormally. Leaking roofs let air escape interfering with the temperatures.

If you have noticed any of the signs above, it’s best to start planning towards a roof replacement or repair where necessary. While at it, always opt for high-quality materials like streamlined roofing for a longer useful life. An expert installation is also crucial to keep your roofing structure in place.